May 2010 – 6 months

NepArtism is 6 months live online and a year old since I started contacting artists, so for May I have decide to review the site and mention a few things that came out of Exquisite Corpse and subsequent talk.

New Artist Chain live on line on 9th June 2010.

Nepartism was accessible in the Exquisite Corpse exhibition, it was the situated in the entrance lobby with all exhibition text and artist bios.

Core Gallery Exquisite Corpse Exhibition

Nepartism review

I am constantly surprised by the chains, more good than bad.

The good

  • that it is working & people want to join in
  • introduction to new work & artists
  • seeing things I haven’t seen before and maybe wouldn’t have found on my own.
  • the site is generating 300 – 400 hits a month, I didn’t expect this but hoped it would happen.
  • that Nepartism was shown in an exhibition (I hope to do it physically and not just virtually.)
  • That there is momentum to do it for a year
  • That Artists personal websites are getting referred to from NepArtism
  • That blog links from other sites are giving the site viewers
  • The fun had trying to analyze artists selection processes

The bad

  • some people so slow to respond to deadlines
  • that some people don’t reply at all

So overall, I need to be more explicit with deadlines, I need to see more of my colleagues, peers & friends work to allay any fear that I have that I don’t like enough work to program for a year.

I find it interesting that I feel that I might not know of enough work to promote. Most of this is more to do with not seeing enough and feeling a little isolated.

Personally Nepartism has worked  in generating links and networking possibilities, it has introduced me to people that I would want to work with in the future and made me think wider than my own artistic practice. It has shown work that I would love to have on my wall and may well do (when we finally get a home).

I hope that artists that have shown on the site gain lots of good stuff too.

The talk at Core Gallery was videoed and will be online soon at

I will do the usual mail out As soon as the video is published I will update the above link.

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