Background Information

A series of monthly online exhibitions that launched November 2009 (New chains presented on the 2nd wed of each month).

The Exhibition starts with a single image that I have selected primarily because I really enjoy it and think more people should see it. Parallel to this is that I know the artist well enough to have their email address and/or phone number.

Back with new work  Spring 2012

The artist is then invited/expected to follow the same procedure, to select a piece of work from someone they know and want to promote, then that artist is then invited to follow the same procedure and so on until 10 pieces of work have been selected, someone doesn’t want to play or the deadline has been met.

The show grows because of who we know; it is nepotism with a bit of altruism. I am interested in where this chain goes, does one artist get selected more than once. How small or large are the artist pools.

How do our selections reflect on our own artist practice, are we interested in similarities or differences, do opposites attract? or is it safety in familiarity?

Are our relationships formed with others because of admiration and interest in the artwork or in spite of?

If you would like to see more of the featured artists’ art work or to contact them, their names are active links to their personal websites (if they have them).

Thanks for your time & interest.

Best Wishes

Liv Pennington


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